They Don’t Care About Us (2020)

Hi #MJFam:
ご存知のことと思いますが、すでにアナウンスしている通り、スパイク・リーが毎年恒例のBrooklyn Loves MJについて、今年はバーチャルで開催することになっています。この暗闇に火を灯すべく、エステートは、一般の方に先駆けてMJファンの皆さんにこのニュースをシェアさせていただきいと思います。
今回のBrooklyn Loves MJにおいて、スパイクは「They Don’t Care About Us」の新作を披露いたします。タイトルは「They Don’t Care About Us (2020)」です。この作品は世界で現在起こっていることを反映したものとなっています。スパイクは自身が監督したブラジル/プリズン両バージョンのショートフィルムからの映像と、最近の出来事からの映像を編集し、同曲の意義が今日でも生きていることを強調しています。ライブ・ストリーミング中(日本時間30日午前3時(29日27時))に公開されます!なお、本ショートフィルムは後程マイケルのYouTubeチャンネルでもご覧いただけます。
Hi #MJFam:
We hope you all are staying safe during this time.
As you may know, based on our previous announcement, Spike Lee will be hosting his annual Brooklyn Loves MJ b-day party virtually this year. As we hope to shed some light in all this darkness, the Estate wanted to share with MJ Fans some additional news before everyone else finds out!
During the party, Spike will be premiering his new cut of “They Don’t Care About Us” which has been titled “They Don’t Care About Us (2020)”, which reflects what is currently going on in the world. Spike has combined existing footage from both the Brazil and Prison versions of the short film that he originally directed with footage from current events to create a short film that emphasizes the relevance of this anthem today. It will premiere during the live stream (at about 2 pm ET)! Afterwards, the short film will be available for everyone to see on Michael’s YouTube channel.
Michael’s music brings people together in even the toughest times, and this live stream will be another way to connect with other fans during this time!
Watch here:
starting at 12 p.m.ET to celebrate Michael’s special day.

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