MJ The Musical、チケット団体販売開始

Hi #MJFam!

チケットの団体販売のリクエストを世界中の様々なファンクラブより多数いただき、ショーの制作チームの士気は一層高まっています。エステートは劇場とチケット販売チームを協議し、MJ The Musicalのチケットの団体購入のためのポータルサイトを立ち上げました。なお、電話でも対応いたします。800-525-2929まで。 詳細はこちらでご覧いただけます。



■Group Sales for MJ The Musical

Hi #MJFam!

The whole Broadway show team has been ecstatic to receive so many requests for group sales from the various fan clubs around the world. The Estate has worked with the theater and the sales team to set up a special portal where you can go to purchase group tickets for MJ The Musical. If you prefer, you may call 800-525-2929 for group sales. All of the information is available at https://www.broadwayinbound.com/welcome-mjfam/.

Purchasing your tickets as a group will ensure that you get access to a group specialist to help you choose the best option for your group, and there will be a group discount on the ticket price!

This site is designed to best service you, the fans, and you are the first to have access to it. The team is very proud of the show they are creating and look forward to your reviews once you’ve had a chance to experience the magic in the theater.


Source: MJOnline, The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™ / MJJFANCLUB.JP