スパイク・リーのドキュメンタリーを収めた「Off The Wall」のCD/DVDセットが2月26日に発売

Hello MJFAM:


お待ちかねの発表は本日ですが、皆さんには最初にお知らせいたします!マイケル・ジャクソン・エステートとソニー・レガシー・レコーディングスは、Off The WallのCD/DVD、CD/ブルーレイを2月26日にリリースいたします。皆さんにこのことをお知らせできることを私たちは幸せに思っています。このパッケージにはマイケルによる革命的アルバムをオリジナルの形で、そしてモータウンからOff The Wallまでのマイケル・ジャクソンの旅についての、スパイク・リーが監督を務めた新作ドキュメンタリーが封入されます。さらにこのドキュメンタリーは1月24日のサンダンス映画祭でワールド・プレミアとなります。そしてテレビではSHOWTIMEより2月5日金曜日の午後9時(ET/PT)、オンデマンドおよびインターネットでプレミアとなります。SHOWTIMEでの放映後は世界各地で放送される予定ですが、放映日時はそれぞれ地元の放送局より発表される予定です。

本ドキュメンタリーをテレビで見たいと望んでいた皆さん、エステートにその声は届いていました。Off The Wallを次世代に伝えたいと熱心だった皆さん、エステートにその声は届いていました。


Hello MJFAM:

We know that for months, you have been waiting patiently for official news about the new documentary about Michael Jackson directed by Spike Lee.

The announcement that you have been waiting for is coming today but you are the first to know! We’re happy to share with you that on February 26, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Legacy Recordings will release a special CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray edition of Off The Wall. The package will include Michael’s revolutionary album in its original form and the new documentary Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall, directed by Spike Lee. Furthermore, the documentary will make its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2016, and its world television premiere on SHOWTIME on Friday, February 5th at 9 P.M. ET/PT on-air, on demand and over the internet. Following its premiere on SHOWTIME, it will be broadcast in other territories around the world and those air-dates will be announced by the local broadcaster in each market.

For all of you who were hoping for a television broadcast of the documentary - the Estate heard you. For those of you ecstatic to introduce Off The Wall to a new generation of fans, the Estate heard you.

We would like to re-interate that the album included in the package is a re-issue of the original album – there is no additional music or remixes on the CD or any “bonus” material with the documentary. We are sure some will be disappointed that there is not extra material, but as everyone knows, this album was early in Michael’s career. He did not write or record the number of songs for this album as he did for later releases nor did he do any filming using his own camera crews of the making of his short films or other events. Without a wealth of material in the archives, the Estate and Sony decided to take a different approach with this release – strip it down and keep it simple and allow everyone to celebrate the album that started it all with a fun, specially designed, collectible package that holds both the album as originally released along with this special documentary and gives fans a chance to get creative with Michael’s original concept for the album artwork. (You’ll see when you get it!)

Source:MJOnline, The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™ / MJJFANCLUB.JP


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