Re:An Update On Your Michael Jackson Store Order




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Dear customer,

We are sorry that you have not yet received your 2016 Michael Jackson calendar and for the delay in updating you. The reason for the delay in your order is that the number of calendars purchased exceeded the inventory and it has taken longer than we had hoped to get enough additional copies printed to fulfill all of the orders we received.

While we are thrilled with the level of interest in the calendar, we regret having let down those fans who are still waiting for their product to arrive. Please accept our apologies for disappointing you and know that we are diligently working to fulfill all of the remaining orders which we are happy to say should be shipped out on or around January 7th and will be expedited acordingly. Thank you for your patience while we are correcting the inventory backlog. We will do our best to insure this doesn't happen in the future.


Michael Jackson Webstore Support