■Nail artist won over 100 prizes for her creations including MJ’s face

Themes such as fairies, goblins, Edward Scissorhands and Michael Jackson have helped one rather talon-ted woman win more than a 100 prizes for her nail creations.

Kirsty Meakin, 35, from Stoke-on-Trent, started training as a beautician when she was just 17 and has now travelled around the world to take home trophies for her nail art.

Each creation takes between 30 and 100 hours and costs up to £400 in materials.

Kirsty’s first competition entry was a set of Moulin Rouge themed nails at a competition in Manchester.

Now she has won over 100 trophies for her nail art and has travelled as far afield as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The beautician’s work has even been displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Kirsty says: ‘I only went to beauty school because my mother said if I didn’t do something with my life she’d kick me out.

‘When I started, nail art wasn’t even a thing, but after a few years it came onto the scene and I started experimenting with different mediums.

‘In 2004 I entered my first competition and won and things just spiralled from there.’

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Source: Daily Mail / JEMMA GILLARD FOR MAILONLINE / MJ-Upbeat.com