「This Is It」の「スリラー」はショーストッパー

(要旨)マイケル・ジャクソンの「This Is It」コンサートは、衣装やセットデザインから照明、特殊効果、そしてもちろん曲に至るまで、スリルを五感で感じられるように作られていた。1月26日(日本では27日)のDVD/BD発売を前に、ETは「This Is It」の舞台裏とロンドン・コンサートのために壮大に計画された3D「スリラー」を観る機会を得た。



■Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Showstopper in 'This Is It'
(20-1-2010) Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' concert was designed to thrill in every sense imaginable, from the costumes and set design to the lighting, special effects and, of course, the Grammy-winning music. Coming to DVD and Blu-ray January 26, ET has a look behind the scenes of 'This Is It' with the late King of Pop -- and the 3D "Thriller" spectacular planned for the London concerts! Speaking about the plans, Kenny Ortega said:

"Michael was a big fan of 3D and of classic horror films, and in appreciation of that, he thought it would be fun to do a 3D 'Thriller'. 18,000 people a night were going to put on their 3D glasses and have a three-dimensional 'Thriller' experience."

"He was in charge, like an old-fashioned entertainer," continues Ortega. "Technology didn't run the show, Michael ran the show, and when he stopped, you watched and you held your breath, and that's what made Michael Jackson Michael Jackson on stage, and why he was different than anyone else that you went to see in concert."

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Source: MJFC / ET