R&B女性グループTLCのチリは自身のリアリティ・ショー「What Chilli Wants」の中で真の愛を探し続けているが、彼女は先日、キング・オブ・ポップへの大変な入れ込みについて語っている。

彼女は今週、Darp Studioで限定パジャマ・パーティーを主催し、ゲストたちは彼女のTVショーを観覧し、また彼女のプライベートについて詳しく聞いた。このガールズ・トークに含まれていたのはマイケル・ジャクソンについての話であった。チリは彼を「夫」と呼んでいる。彼女は語った。





■ Chilli Talks About Kissing MJ
(21-1-2011) While singer Chilli, from R&B girl group TLC, continues to search for true love on her reality show, 'What Chilli Wants,' she recently spoke about her fevered crush on the King of Pop.

The songstress hosted an exclusive pajama party this week at Darp Studios where guests watched segments of her TV show and listened to details about her private life. Included in the girl-talk was a conversation about Michael Jackson who Chilli refers to as her "husband." She told the ladies,

"Don't nobody talk about Mike... that is my husband. We kissed twice on the lips, thank you! The first time I met Michael Jackson we hugged. He wasn't going for the lips at first.... he went here and I went like that, I got half the lips. The last time I was around him he grabbed my face and said, 'I know that face!' He grabbed me and kissed me right on the lips!”

Chilli then went on to add that, while she's not "easy," she would have been a "sure thing" for the King!

"Y'all know I don't be kissing people like that but I woulda tongued him down! And I'm not easy girl but I woulda been a sure thing!”

To watch the very amusing clip of Chilli talking to the ladies, please click here.

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