メモには「ロンドンで1年・・・1、2、3、4、5枚のアルバムとシングル」、「ハロウィン・スペシャル用の像」などと書かれている。- 以下原文。


■ Note Sells For Thousands On Ebay
(24-12-2010) A note allegedly written by Michael Jackson recently sold for over $3,000 on Ebay. The note, which was auctioned off on Thursday, apparently refers to Jackson's sold out 50 date residency that was to take place at the O2 in London.

The note is written on stationary from Jackson’s dermatologist's office and was allegedly found in June 2009 at the superstar's Holmby Hills home by someone on Jackson’s staff. The seller of the note said on Ebay that the red stains on the paper are not blood but, are from a drink.

The note mentions “One year in London… 1 2 3 4 5 albums and single,” and also a “sculpture for Halloween special.”

Source: MJFC / examiner.com