Big Boyのあるバージョン・・・Big Boyとは、1967年にスティールタウン・レコードでジャクソン・ファイヴがレコーディングした局地的ヒット曲・・・は、その2か月前、シカゴのワンダーフル・レコードでレコーディングされていた。


「マイケルがよりクリア―だね。間違いないよ。これが彼らをジャクソン・ファイヴにしたんだ。彼らがとても若いのにあんなことができるって聞いてみんな驚いたんだ」とブラシンゲインはシカゴ・リーダー誌に語っている。- 以下原文。

■ MJ's First Ever Recording Discovered
(23-12-2010) Just days after the official release of an album mired in controversy over the authenticity of the vocals, it seems the King of Pop's very first studio recording appears to have been unearthed.

A version of Big Boy - a regional hit by The Jackson 5 recorded for Steeltown Records in 1967 - had been recorded two months earlier at One-derful Records in Chicago.

Larry Blasingaine, was a 15-year-old studio musician who played bass on that studio recording instead of a young Jermaine Jackson. He recently heard the track earlier this month and insists it is the original version. He also says the original is better than the version that the world has come to know.

"Michael is clearer; it jells. It's what made them the Jackson Five. People were amazed by hearing them so young and being able to do that," Blasingaine told the Chicago Reader.

Source: MJFC / nbcchicago.com