レイモン・ベイン:VH1は今晩声明を出しました。放映を続けるかどうかミーティングをすると言ってます。このような声明を出すということは、間違いなく放映を中止するということだと思います。この件に関して話し合いをしているという声明を出しているのに、それを黙ってみていることはできませんよ。たくさんの行動があちこちで起きてます。彼はアフリカ系アメリカ人のコミュニティーからたくさんの支持を得ています。Radio One、スティーブ・ハーヴェイ、それにサポートを申し出てくれているたくさんのエンタテイナーの皆さんです。皆さん、あれは屈辱的で冒涜だと思ってくれているんです。










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Lee Bailey: Now getting back to this Eminem thing


Raymone Bain: Have you heard the latest? Eminem released a statement, he and Interscope, saying they stand by the video and they're disappointed that BET pulled it. And MTV came out saying they were going to continue to air it on MTV, MTV 2 and MTV Europe.

Lee Bailey: So Michael, how do you feel about that?

Michael Jackson: Well, I think it's the wrong thing to do. It should be pulled, it shouldn't be played. It's incorrect. [TO BAIN] Did you tell him about VH1?


Raymone Bain: VH1 sent out a release this evening saying they were meeting on whether or not they're going to air it. So for them to release something like that must mean they're more than likely to pull it. I can't see them releasing a statement saying they're in the process of meeting on it. So there's a lot of activity out there, but he's getting enormous support from the African American community - Radio One, Steve Harvey, and a number of entertainers who have called to offer their support because they feel that it is demeaning and disrespectful.

Lee Bailey: Do you get the sense that Eminem's not doing this against you personally, but against your public persona?

Michael Jackson: That's incorrect. I would never do that to anyone, no other fellow artist. It's no respect. It's demeaning. It's appalling, really. It's not entertainment.

Lee Bailey: Well I totally agree, but would it make a difference in your mind if he said he wasn't doing this as a personal attack - because I don't think he even knows you.


Raymone Bain: Well it is personal, Lee. He might not know Michael Jackson, but when you look at the video, it is personal. He's taken every aspect of this man's life and he's put it in his video. It's one thing to have a spoof, but it's another for it to be demeaning and embarrassing. And that's what he's done.

Lee Bailey: What I'm getting at is you've never done anything to him for him to even remotely want to treat you like that for some personal reason, right?

Michael Jackson: I don't know him. I've never met him.

Lee Bailey: Well, Mr. Jackson, it just seems like everyday, they're coming up with more stuff, but I gotta give it to you, you're holding up. Keep on, keeping on.

Michael Jackson: Thank you very, very much. I appreciate everything you're doing.