「Thjs Is It」バースデー・パーティーはキング・オブ・ポップの生家の外で開かれ、グループによる「スリラー」ダンスが披露されることになっている。伝えられるところによると、マイケルの父、ジョセフ・ジャクソンはスペシャル・ケーキカット・セレモニーに出席することになっているという。- 以下原文。


■ MJ's Hometown Birthday Bash
(25-8-2010) The mayor of Gary, Indiana announced a birthday tribute this Saturday, August, 28, 2010 for one of it's favorite sons, Michael Jackson! Mayor Rudy Clay said, "The passing of Michael Jackson is still fresh in our hearts. A year later, on the day before his birthday, we honour his memory as a great and giving person and as the world's greatest entertainer."

The "This Is It" Birthday Party will be held outside the King of Pop's childhood home and will feature a group "Thriller" dance. It is reported that Michael's father, Joseph Jackson, will attend a special cake-cutting ceremony.

Source: MJFC / contactmusic.com