FIY ■ マイケルのテーマパークが上海に?


パークの詳細は、中国版ツイッターの微博(ウェイボー)のマイケル・ジャクソン公式アカウント上(※訳注:微博に"公式"アカウントが存在するかどうか未確認)で公開された。その投稿では、Hollywood Culture Industrial Investment (Shanghai) Limitedのウー・ジュンCEOが、ジャーメイン・ジャクソンは今回訪れた場所をとても気に入ったと述べている。


■Michael Theme Park To Open In Shanghai?

A new theme park dedicated to Michael Jackson could be in the works in Shanghai, China, seven years after Michael’s death. Jermaine Jackson, Michael’s brother, was in the country last week exploring possible sites for the attraction, which is said to be based on Michael’s Neverland Ranch. So far, Jermaine has scoped Baoshan cruise terminal and Gucun Park as potential locations.

The details of the theme park were shared in a post linked from Michael Jackson’s official account on Weibo, China’s equivalent of Twitter, on April 17.

The post also stated that Wu Jun, CEO at Hollywood Culture Industrial Investment (Shanghai) Limited, had expressed that Jermaine Jackson was very happy with the sites he visited on his trip.

Development of the park is also said to be ‘in progress’ although it’s not known whether any deadlines have been set for its opening.

Source: Daily Mail Australia & MJWN



死後数年のうちに、マイケルは、資産を管理してくれる有能な執行人のおかげでビジネス面で復活した。2009年のドキュメンタリー「This Is It」は2億6100万ドルを稼ぎ、シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユのショーは大勢のファンを集めた。そして、アルバムのリリース、ビデオゲームやその他実入りの良い記念品を販売してきた。そしてIRSはその分け前を要求し、死後のマイケルの名前とイメージの価値は4億3400万ドル以上であると主張している。一方エステート自身による評価は2105ドルである。あまりに大きな食い違いであるが、この差でさえも控えめな数字である。



課税において最も重要なことは、遺言執行人が魔法のような仕事をした後の現時点ではなく、死去時点でのマイケルの名前と肖像の価値である。「当時マイケル・ジャクソンはマーチャンダイジングの契約はひとつもありませんでした」とワイツマンは言う。「私たちが再建に取り組み、『This Is It』が状況を変え始めた後のことなのです。IRSは、『そのドキュメンタリーについてはわかっていたはずだ』と言いますが、それは、彼が亡くなることがわかっていたはずだ、と言うようなものです」。





■Billion-Dollar Tax Court Battle

Of all the befuddling legal matters in the entertainment business, there’s perhaps none that causes attorneys to scratch their heads like the battle between Michael Jackson and the Internal Revenue Service over what the late entertainer should be paying in estate taxes.

In the years since his death, Michael has experienced a commercial rebirth thanks to the savvy executors who have managed his assets. The 2009 documentary ‘This Is It’ grossed $261 million, a Cirque du Soleil tribute show packs in fans, and there have been albums, video games and other lucrative memorials. Now the IRS wants its share, claiming the value of Michael’s name and image upon death amounted to more than $434 million. The estate’s own valuation is just $2,105. This is a huge discrepancy and even that difference undersells the stakes.

With interest and penalties, lawyers estimate the case, which is set for trial at a Los Angeles tax tribunal in 2017, could be worth more than $1 billion. Some tax specialists even wonder if it could lead to criminal tax evasion charges. The outcome could impact celebrity estate planning. “This is the biggest estate tax case I’ve ever seen,” says attorney and tax specialist Gary Wolfe.

Speaking publicly about the IRS battle for the first time, Howard Weitzman, the estate’s lead attorney, says both sides haven’t exchanged much information and the IRS hasn’t explained how its independent auditor determined the huge valuation. Executors John Branca and John McClain have overseen a remarkable turnaround, wiping out Michael’s debt and making enough revenue to generate about $100 million in tax payments already. But Weitzman estimates that Michael earned no more than $50 million from the licensing of his name and image when the pop star was alive, even during Michael’s ‘Thriller’ heyday. “It seems preposterous that the IRS would arrive at a value ten times this amount,” he says. “This is bizarre.”

What matters most for tax purposes is the value of Michael’s name and likeness at the time of his death, not now, after his executors have worked their magic. “Michael Jackson had no merchandising deals then,” says Weitzman. “Only after we began the resurrection and ‘This Is It’ did things begin to change. The IRS says, ‘You should have known about the documentary.’ That’s like saying we should have known he was going to die.”

The IRS declined to comment on the issue.

Adam Streisand, a probate attorney who has worked with celebrity estates including those of Ray Charles, Marlon Brando and Marilyn Monroe, says he doesn’t expect the IRS to be able to point to other celebrities’ post-death earnings as part of the valuation process. Then again, given that this is the first time ever that the IRS is pursuing estate taxes for name and likeness, it’s hard to say for sure how something like the “Jim Croce effect.” This is in reference to the singer who died in an airplane crash in 1973 and standing for the proposition that many entertainers are worth more dead
than alive.

It’s estimated that the Michael Jackson Estate has earned another $50 million in name and likeness earnings in the six years since his death, but according to Weitzman, the IRS’ calculation assumes the Estate should have earned in this time $260 million, which is more than the value the tax agency ascribed to Michael’s songs. Weitzman says that the IRS is essentially seeking an “advance” on future payments with no refunds given if its valuation is wrong.

Weitzman thinks this is a “once in a lifetime” case, but others aren’t sure. If the IRS wins, it likely will pursue other celebrity estates that have increased in value. The business of commercialising dead stars has boomed in recent years as publicity rights have expanded and technology such as holograms and CGI has allowed the dead to live on in entertainment.

Source: Billboard & MJWN



1998年、デトロイトの億万長者にしてアフリカ系アメリカ人初のカジノ・オーナー、ドン・バーデンは、デトロイトの3件のカジノ・ライセンスのうちのひとつを提案した。このプロジェクトにおけるバーデンのビジネス・パートナーはマイケル・ジャクソンだった。この大金のかかったプロジェクトは「Majestic Kingdom」と名づけられた。アミューズメント・パークは「The Thriller Theme Park」、ホテルは「The Mansion in the Sky」と名づけられた。レストランやバー、ナイトクラブも計画の中に含まれていた。

マイケル・ジャクソン自身がデトロイトに何度も足を運び、このプロジェクトの宣伝を行った。ところがデトロイト市議会および市長デニス・アーチャーからカジノ・ライセンスを拒否されてしまった。バーデンはその決定を覆そうとしたがデトロイト市民の投票で否決された。1988年8月のことだ。結局、3件のライセンスはMotorCity Casino、MGM Grand Detroit、Greektown Casinoとなった。


■The Never To Be MJ Theme Park

Imagine this: You walk down to the Detroit Riverfront, and see a Michael
Jackson themed casino, hotel and amusement park inside of a giant dome. It
could have happened.

In 1998, Don Barden, Detroit multimillionaire and the first African American
casino owner, submitted a proposal for one of the three casino licenses in
Detroit. Barden’s business partner in the project was Michael Jackson. The
billion dollar project was named the “Majestic Kingdom.” The amusement park
would be called “The Thriller Theme Park,” and the hotel would be called
“The Mansion in the Sky.” The plan also included restaurants, bars and

Michael Jackson himself made several visits to the Detroit area trying to
drum up support for the project. Barden and Jackson were denied a casino
license by Detroit City Council and Detroit mayor Dennis Archer. Barden
tried to get the decision overturned, but Detroiters voted down the proposal
in August of 1998. Eventually, the three licensees were approved for
MotorCity Casino, MGM Grand Detroit and Greektown Casino.

Some things weren’t meant to happen and both Michael and Don have now
passed, Michael in 2009, and Don in 2011, but wouldn’t it have been grand!

Source: Click On Detroit and MJWN

「Michael Jackson One Birthday Celebration」 間もなく発表

Hi ‪#‎MJFAM‬:
「Michael Jackson ONE」での誕生日のお祝いを今年はどうするのか、と気をもんでいる方がたくさんいらっしゃいます。もうすぐです!エステートとシルク・ドゥ・ソレイユは発表の準備をしています。公式フェイスブック、ツイッター、MichaelJackson.comで間もなく発表されるニュースをお見逃しなきようお願いします。当然ながら、イベント・ページが開設され次第、そのリンクをお送りいたします。

We know many of you are anxious for news about this year’s birthday celebration at Michael Jackson ONE. The wait is nearly over! The Estate and Cirque du Soleil are preparing the initial announcement so keep an eye out on Michael’s Facebook, Twitter, and for news about the event in the coming days. And we’ll of course send you a link when the Event page is launched!

ソース:MJOnline, The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™ / MJJFANCLUB.JP

第4回「Michael Jackson One」バースデー・セレブレーション

今年のマイケルの誕生日は月曜日であることから、マイケル・ジャクソン・エステートとシルク・ドゥ・ソレイユは、キング・オブ・ポップの誕生日を祝う第4回「Michael Jackson One」バースデー・セレブレーションを8月27日からの3日間とすることを決定しました。

土曜、日曜、月曜の19時からの公演の直前に、エステート・チームとスペシャル・ゲストとのミート&グリートを開催いたします。ミート&グリートは3日間でそれぞれ異なるものをご用意いたします。土曜日のミート&グリートでは、エステートと「Michael Jackson One」のメンバーが、シアター・ロビーの装飾の模様替えをお披露目いたします。当夜の公演の入場者の皆さまへが初公開となります。詳細と他の2日間のミート&グリートについては後日お知らせいたします。

マイケルの誕生日(月曜)の午後には、Michael Jackson Oneブティック主催のサイン会、キャストによるスペシャル・パフォーマンス、抽選で選ばれたラッキーなファンの皆様にマイケルの音楽の知識を披露していただくチャンスなどをご用意いたします。記念品として保存してただくにふさわしいチケットもご用意いたします。月曜日の詳細と抽選の方法は後日お知らせします。

土曜日、日曜日、月曜日の「Michael Jackson One」の公演のうち、どれか一つでもご覧いただいく方は、3日間のすべてのイベントにご参加いただけます。また、特別料金やギフト・バッグなどのマンダレイ・ベイ・リゾート&カジノからのバースデー・ウィーク限定企画を今年も実施いたします。

ファンの皆様お誘いの上、ラスベガスでの誕生日のお祭りに是非お越しいただき、ラスベガスの町と3日間のMJウィークエンド、そしてマンダレイ・ベイ・ホテルをお楽しみください。そしてもちろん、キング・オブ・ポップ、マイケル・ジャクソンの作品と創造心、そしてレガシーへの感動的な心のこもったトリビュート、「Michael Jackson One」も。



■ The Fourth Annual Michael Jackson One Celebration of The King of Pop’s Birthday

With Michael’s birthday falling on a Monday this year, the Estate of Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil decided to make the 4th annual Michael Jackson ONE celebration in honor of the King of Pop’s birthday a three day affair starting on Saturday, August 27.

There will be a special meet and greet with members of the Estate team and other special guests before the 7pm performance on each of Saturday, Sunday and, of course, Monday night. And each meet and greet will offer something unique. During the meet and greet on Saturday evening, the Estate, joined by members of the Michael Jackson ONE cast, will reveal a change to the décor of the theater lobby that will be seen for the first time by those attending that evening’s performances.More details about what that change is and on the other two meet and greet events will be posted in the coming weeks.

And for the afternoon of Michael’s birthday, there will be a book signing hosted by the Michael Jackson ONE Boutique, a special performance by the Michael Jackson ONE cast in the theater and a super special activity that gives a few very lucky Michael Jackson fans an opportunity to display their knowledge of Michael’s music. There will also be a special Michael Jackson ONE Commemorative Ticket for these shows that guests will be able to keep as a souvenir. More details on Monday afternoon’s activities and how to be chosen as one of those lucky fans will be coming soon.

All activities during the 3 days will be open to those attending any of the performances of Michael Jackson ONE on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of the celebration and we are pleased to once also extend an exclusive offer from Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for the birthday week including special room rates and a gift bag.

Gather together with other Michael Jackson fans for a festive celebration in Las Vegas and spend all or part of the 3-day MJ weekend enjoying the city, the Mandalay Bay property and, of course, Michael Jackson ONE, an electrifying and heartfelt tribute to the work, innovative spirit, and legacy of Michael Jackson – the King of Pop.

Join us to celebrate Michael’s birthday and stay tuned for more details to come!

To book rooms, visit Mandalay Bay (
and to purchase tickets, visit Cirque du Soleil (






■When Michael Visited The Phantom

British stage and screen legend Michael Crawford, who famously portrayed the very first Phantom in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical ‘Phantom of the Opera,’ has spoken about his multiple encounters with Michael Jackson.

The King of Pop went backstage to meet the cast of the musical when he went to see the show on two occasions, one of which was with Liza Minelli. Crawford described Michael as “charming and very shy.” He also recollected a story whereby Michael complimented his hands, saying that this happened on multiple occasions when the two met.

You can watch the interview on the BBC News website.

Source: BBC & MJWN


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