ギブは公式サイトで、ある曲の26秒間のクリップを公開しているが、この曲はマイケル・ジャクソンをフィーチャーしており、「All In Your Name」というタイトルになっている。そして、「バリーから新曲が間もなくリリース」という見出しがつけられている。


■ MJ Duet With Barry Gibb To Be Released?
(26-2-2011) Barry Gibb, one third of the great brother act, The Bee Gees, was a long-time friend of Michael Jackson's. They were so close that Jackson even searved as god-father to Gibb's son, Michael Gibb.

The two music icons collaborated a number of times, writing, producing and recording songs for themselves and others and now it seems Gibb is about to release one of the songs they recorded together.

On his official website, Gibb posted a 26-second clip of a song that features Jackson titled, 'All In Your Name,' under the heading "New Music Coming From Barry Soon."

To listen to the clip, please click here.

Source: MJFC / barrygibb.com


象徴的ビデオ「スリラー」でマイケル・ジャクソンと仕事をした映画監督ジョン・ランディスが AllMediaNYのインタビューに答え、同ビデオのメイキングについて語った。



■ John Landis Talks About Thriller Video
(26-2-2011) Director John Landis, who worked on the iconic 'Thriller' video with Michael Jackson, recently gave an interview to AllMediaNY during which he discussed making the video:

ALLMEDIANY: At a time when MTV was only a few years old, a production as big as “Thriller” was unheard of. Did either you or Jackson have doubts that the network would run it?

LANDIS: No. People tend to forget this, but the album had been out a year, and had already been the number-one album of all time, had already sold more records than any other album in history. They had made “Billie Jean” and “Beat It,” which were very, very successful films, and when Michael came to me, I thought, “Well, I don’t want to make a rock video.” Essentially they were commercials to sell records, and I thought, “I don’t want to do that,” but then I met with Mike, and he was such an extraordinary, brilliant performer. You know, when I made “The Blues Brothers,” I’d made a decision I regretted later, which was, because John [Belushi] and Danny [Aykroyd] were not professional dancers, I had shot all the numbers with amateurs, except finally I shot the church scene with professional dancers; it was one of the last things we shot back in L.A. So the opportunity of doing a really good musical number appealed to me, so I said to Mike, “Michael, instead of doing a video, can we make a theatrical short?” The intention was always meant to be that it would play in theaters. In fact, we had a deal with Disney, and it played with “Fantasia” before it was on TV.






ALLMEDIANY: Wasn’t it hard to fund it, though?

LANDIS: Sony and CBS said they wouldn’t give us any money – they thought the album was over. And Michael said he’d pay for it, and I said, “Absolutely not! I’m not going to take your money,” because it cost almost $500,000 to make – that’s very expensive. So we raised the money from a brand-new cable network called Showtime – we got half the money, and they got the exclusive right to show that and “The Making of ‘Thriller,’” which was an hour together. They used to call it “The Making of ‘Filler,’” because they had to come up with an hour. Then MTV went crazy and said, “How could you do that?!” We said, “OK, put up the second half of the money, and we’ll let you show it for a while.” And that’s what happened, but before they showed it, it played theatrically. In fact, I got kind of screwed by the record company, because Frank DiLeo, who was Mike’s manager at the time, told me many years later that he’s the one who did it, which is he did the right thing for the record but he kind of screwed me. What he did was, they duped “Thriller” and they made many, many copies of it, and then gave it free to television stations all over the world. It was on TV constantly, which meant it wouldn’t be playing in theaters anymore – which upset me – but it did make the album triple its sales, and it did establish MTV. I mean, it’s responsible for a lot of things, but it was no one’s brilliant plan – it was just Mike wanting to turn into a monster.

ALLMEDIANY: In “Thriller,” he goes from looking like a zombie to having his appearance go back to normal when he sings, only to turn back into his zombie self. What made it necessary to take off the makeup?

LANDIS: Nothing made it necessary – it was my choice. It was just an aesthetic choice, that’s all. You’re asking me to make sense of it, the whole thing doesn’t make sense. It’s a fantasy! It does not make sense! If you’re trying to come up with some reasonable, rational explanation for the fact that he suddenly turns into a zombie and then back again, and then at the end he’s a zombie – I mean, it’s completely silly. It’s not meant to make sense – it’s meant to be entertaining.

Source: MJFC / allmediany.com







■ Judge Threatens Murray Defense Team
(28-2-2011) On Monday the judge in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter case threatened Murray's defense attorneys with $1,500-a-day fines for failing to share evidence with prosecutors before the doctor's trial next month in the death of Michael Jackson.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor told the defense attorneys that he would impose the fines or other sanctions Wednesday unless they met their legal obligation to turn over witness statements and expert reports to the prosecution.

“I am extremely distressed about the state of this case and whether in fact the defense is ready for trial,” Pastor said.

The trial is scheduled to begin March 24, however the prosecution has repeatedly asked Judge Pastor to delay the case, saying the defense is not ready for trial because it has not shared materials concerning its witnesses.

Murray has refused to waive his right to a speedy trial, as most defendants do, in order to preserve his right to practice medicine. Judge Pastor stripped him of his California medical license while authorities in Texas and Nevada, where he also practices, have agreed to wait for the conclusion of the trial to make their decisions.

Source: MJFC / latimes.com



この演劇は古典グリム童話のマッシュ・アップで、「The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon」と題されている。これは、「白雪姫」や「シンデレラ」などの209もの古典を詰め込んで1つのぎっしり詰まった演劇にするということを目的としたものである。


■ Grimm Future For Prince And Paris?
(1-3-2011) During last week's interview with Good Morning America, Paris Jackson expressed a desire to try out for an upcoming school play. Well now, TMZ is reporting this morning that both Paris and Prince auditioned.

The play is a mash-up of classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales called "The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon" and it aims to cram 209 classic stories, such as "Snow White" and "Cinderella," into one single jam-packed play.

There is no word yet on whether either child won a role in the play. However, the odds are in their favor since the play has almost 50 characters in it.

Source: MJFC / tmz.com

エステート vs. ハワード・マン




■ Michael’s Estate Versus Mann
Friday, February 25th 2011

Michael’s Estate wants Howard Mann, who is Katherine Jackson’s business partner, to stop using Michael’s name and image to sell books, websites and other products. The Estate has raised a lawsuit against Mann, who has filed papers to dismiss the suit against him.

According to Mann, this is the same lawsuit that Michael pursued back in 2004, only to “abandon” the legal fight in 2006. Mann claims, because Michael did not pursue the case, and a judgment was issued against him, Michael lost the legal right to stop Mann’s company from using his image to sell merchandise.

Mann claims the Estate shouldn’t be able to resurrect the case by being allowed to sue for the same claims in 2011. Now, the case is in the hands of a federal judge who will decide the question.

Source: TMZ & MJWN


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