来年は #Moonwalker30 の年です😉
MJJマガジンは30周年を記念してA1サイズ(59.4㎝ x 84.1㎝)ポスターを制作しました。今月、来月と上映されますので、皆でお祝いしましょう!💐💐
★ 800円 + 送料 となります。ご希望の方は mjjmagazinejp*gmail.com まで(*を@に変えてください)


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マイケル・ジャクソンのアルバム「Thriller」は今年で発売35周年を迎える。この時マイケル・ジャクソンはすばらしいファッションで人々の記憶に残ることとなった。「Thriller」のミュージック・ビデオでは、ジャクソンは、バーシティ・ジャケットを着た学生から未来的な赤いレザー・ジャケットを着て腰の動きで挑発する邪悪なキャラクターへと変身する(この貴重な一品はのちに180万ドルで売りに出された)。「Billie Jean」では、粋な蝶ネクタイで闊歩している。このほかに注目すべきジャクソンのファッション史の一コマとしては、サングラスが挙げられるだろう。ジャクソンはキャリアを通じてサングラスをかけていた。典型的なのものは大き目のパイロット・サングラスで、1993年のスーパーボウルでパフォーマンス時でも、1984年のグラミー賞授賞式でも着用していた。時代が下ると、ジャクソンは調光レンズのサングラスで登場するようになる(ちなみに、1984年のVictoryツアーでジャクソンが着用したサングラスはのちにコリー・フェルドマンが所有することになるが、かつて2万7500ドルで売られたことがある)。


もちろんサングラスだけがジャクソンのアクセサリーではない。彼は1984年のロサンゼルス・ドジャースタジアムのパフォーマンスでは眩いばかりの白いグローブをはめていたし、フェドラの膨大なコレクションも所有していた(フレッド・アステア風のミュージック・ビデオ「Smooth Criminal」では、生まれ変わった白いフェドラを着用しているし、1994年にリサ・マリー・プレスリーと結婚した際には黒いトッパーをかぶっていた)。ジャクソンの際限のない行き過ぎ気味のアクセサリーへの傾倒はソックスにまで及んでいた。彼はしばしば、7分丈ズボンでムーンウォークをする際にソックスを光らせていた。あのラインストーンのソックスやファンキーなフェドラが次にリメイクされるか注目である。


■35 Years After Thriller, Michael Jackson’s Iconic Sunglasses Get a Modern Reboot

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, in which the star had several standout fashion moments. In the music video for the song “Thriller,” Jackson transformed from a wholehearted student in a varsity jacket to a more sinister character who gyrated his hips while sporting a futuristic red leather jacket. (That prized piece later went on to sell for $1.8 million.) In “Billie Jean,” he strutted around in a dapper bow tie. Another snippet of Jackson fashion history worth noting are his sunglasses: The entertainer wore shades throughout his career, typically oversize aviators, whether he was performing onstage at the 1993 Super Bowl or accepting a Grammy in 1984. Later on, Jackson appeared with light-adaptive glasses. (Fun fact: A pair of Jackson’s sunglasses from the Victory Tour in 1984, later owned by Corey Feldman, once sold for a whopping $27,500.)

You won’t have to fork over quite that much to grab a pair of sunglasses that recall MJ’s style. The King of Pop’s shades are receiving a revamp thanks to eyewear company Illesteva, which has teamed up with the Michael Jackson estate in celebration of the Thriller anniversary. The frameless sunglasses come in a thin reflective gold, a reinterpretation of the aviators that Jackson wore during the late ’80s and early ’90s. “Michael Jackson, one of the most iconic performers of all time, was rarely seen without sunglasses. When we think of him, the aviator immediately comes to mind,” says CEO and designer Daniel Silberman. “We wanted to design a shape that he would wear on stage today but combined with modern technology. The frame is made out of a 2.55 millimeter mask lens in custom gold gradient with lightweight steel temples.” Only 200 of the glasses will be produced and will be priced out at $240 each.

Sunglasses aren’t the only accessory Jackson was known for, of course. He wore a bedazzled white glove at his performance at L.A.’s Dodger Stadium in 1984, and he also owned a vast fedora collection (he wore a white incarnation in the “Smooth Criminal” music video à la Fred Astaire, and in 1994 he married Lisa Marie Presley in a black topper). Jackson’s perpetual love for over-the-top accessories even came down to his socks—the entertainer often flashed a glinting pair while doing the moonwalk by way of a cropped trouser. Now, let’s see if it’s his rhinestone-encrusted socks or funky fedora that gets remade next.

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オフィシャル Dengerous 25 グッズ(2016年11月)の出荷遅延について


OneLive Mediaの*****(人名)と申します。マイケル・ジャクソン関連のご注文の件でご連絡差し上げております。お客様のご注文(#MJ****)を確認したところ、残念ながら出荷が完了していないことがわかりました。商品(商品名、商品名、・・・・)が現在在庫切れのためですが、間もなく入荷するはずでございます。入荷し次第出荷され、発送確認はeメールで送付させていただきます。





My name is ****** from OneLive Media, and I am reaching out to you in regards to your Michael Jackson order. I've reviewed your order (# MJ*****) and unfortunately found that it's still pending shipment because items (********************* ) are currently out of stock, but should be restocked soon. Once the items have been restocked, your order will be shipped and a shipping confirmation will be sent to you by email.

However, if you would rather not wait, then we can process a cancellation for this order and refund the full cost of the order back to your payment method.

Please let us know how you'd like to proceed.

I do apologize for the inconvenience and will do whatever I can to help resolve the situation. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for shopping at the Michael Jackson store.

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Thanks to everyone who joined us in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dangerous throughout November and we hope you all had a chance to purchase your limited edition Dangerous25 shirts. We are now pleased to announce the roll-out of new product to the webstore. The first of the brand new designs are available now on the official Michael Jackson store! We hope you enjoy these new products and add them to your collection today. And be sure to check back on a regular basis to see other new products as they are released.

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Michael Jackson’s 'Dangerous' album was a global phenomenon when it was released in November 1991. The album was so successful that it tied Michael’s 'Bad' for the number of singles released from one record. Do you know how many songs from 'Dangerous' were released as singles?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'Dangerous' and all the singles from the album, the Official Michael Jackson Store has issued limited edition T-shirts commemorating each. Count them all and look for your favorites! This Dangerous25 exclusive merchandise will only be available during the month-long celebration through November 30.

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Scientific Games社とマイケルについて

数年前、エステートがScientific Games社(当時はBally社)とマイケル・ジャクソン・スロットマシーンの契約を結んだことは皆さんご存知のことと思います。このパートナーシップは大成功を収めており、カジノを訪れた皆さんがいろいろなスロットを楽しんでいる様子はフェイスブック等で見ることができます。さて、このたびエステートは、マイケル・ジャクソンのスロットマシーンをより多くの皆さんに楽しんでいただけるようScientific Games社との契約の拡張作業を行っています。長期にわたる計画についての詳細はまだ明かせませんが、今後、Scientific Games社から何らかの発表が行われます。もちろん、解禁となり次第、私たちからも皆さんにお伝えします。

As many of you are aware, several years ago, the Estate made a deal with a company called Scientific Games (formerly Bally’s) for Michael Jackson slot machines. That partnership has been very successful and we know from fan feedback that you all really enjoy playing the Michael slot machines when you visit casinos at which the different machines are available. We are happy to share with you that Michael’s Estate is now expanding the arrangement with Scientific Games to make the experience of playing Michael Jackson slots available to a wider audience. It’s too early to reveal the details of the long term plans, but in the coming months, Scientific Games will be releasing some hints. Of course, we will share more information with you when it is available.

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