映画監督のスパイク・リーが、8回目となるブロックパーティー(野外パーティー)「Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson」を開催する。スパイク・リーのフェイスブックとインスタグラムで発表された。



■8th Michael Jackson Block Party

Director Spike Lee is holding his eighth ‘Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson’ block party. Lee posted the announcement on Facebook and Instagram.

This is a free public event and every year it draws a large crowd. Music this year will be by DJ Spinna.

The event will take place on August 25th between noon and 7.00p.m. at Stuyvesant Avenue between Lexington Avenue & Quincy Street.

Source: MJWN


「Heal The World」のリリースから20年あまり。世界45カ国、5歳から13歳までの子供たち45人による新しいバージョンが誕生した。伝説のミュージシャン、マイケルの誕生日を讃え、8月29日にインドのバンド、「Maati Baani」がYouTube上にアップした。

アップされたビデオでは、小さな子供たちが、ベテラン顔負けの優雅さやスキルでさまざまな楽器を演奏し、歌っている。今回のカバーバージョンの意図について「Maati Baani」はインド版ハフィントンポストに対して語っている。ボーカルのNirali Kartikによれば、「まさに今だと思ったのです。暴力のさらされている人々に対して、私たちが心を痛めていること、ともにあるということを伝えるにはすばらしい方法だと考えています」。

インド版ハフィントンポストによれば、この曲の製作はオンラインで行われ、登場する子供たちはお互いのことを知らないという。「だから登場してくれた子供たちにとっては、出来上がったビデオを見るのはびっくり箱をあけるようなものだったんです」とギタリストのKartik Shahは言う。これは、国境や世代を越えてつながる音楽の魔法だと言えるだろう。

エミネムのカバーでインターネットで話題となったアメリカ在住のインド人の少年Sparsh Shahもこのビデオには登場する。13歳の彼は骨が脆くなる病気、骨形成不全症を患っているにもかかわらず、すばらしいパフォーマンスを披露している。

■Tribute To Michael By 45 Children Across The World

More than two decades after its release, ‘Heal the World’ has a new rendition performed by 45 children from different countries, who are aged between 5 and 13. The song was released by Maati Baani, a world music band from India, on their Youtube channel on August 29th, Michael’s birthday, to honour the legendary musician.

The music video showcases young kids playing a variety of musical instruments and singing with grace and skill of veteran virtuosos. Maati Baani explained the idea behind the rendition in a statement to HuffPost India. “We are living in times which are not peaceful. We witness violence directly or indirectly everyday,” said the band’s vocalist Nirali Kartik. “We felt that it was the right time to do this and a great way to send a message to people affected by violence that we care and we are with you.”

According to HuffPost India, the entire collaboration for the song was done online and the children did not know who they were collaborating with. “So for them, watching the video was like opening a surprise packet,” said the band’s guitarist Kartik Shah. To that, we’d say that it is the magic of music which finds its way to form connections across boundaries and generations.

The video also features Sparsh Shah, an Indian boy living in America, who had become an internet sensation with his cover of a Eminem single. The thirteen year old has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a disease that makes the bones brittle. But notwithstanding the disease, the young musician puts on an amazing performance.

Source: The Indian Express & MJWN









■Giant Michael Jackson Cake Wins Award

A 7ft (2.1m) tall cake dedicated to the King of Pop has landed a woman an international baking award. Sonia Todd spent five weeks crafting Michael Jackson from breakfast cereal, chocolate and icing, in order to thrill the judges in Birmingham and won a bronze medal at Cake International show with her efforts.

Ms Todd, of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, describes herself as “a massive fan” of the singer. “I love baking and I love Michael Jackson, so I’ve just combined the two,” she said.

The confection sits on a skeleton made of wood and cake stands to support the weight. Ms Todd researched the project on the internet and took advice from her local cake supplies shop. “I had to make sure that when I was building him that he was going to be able to stand on his own two feet without any structure being able to be seen,” she said. “For the size of him it was quite a task really.” She said she was surprised at the response to the cake version of the ‘King of Pop,’ which saw people queuing up at the NEC show to take selfies.

Ms Todd said she is planning another project ready for the autumn show.

The Jackson cake will be used to raise money for a local hospice.

You can see the original article and a video of the cake here.

Source: BBC News & MJWN




先週末、ジェイ・Zは、人気SNSのインスタグラムに、24時間でアカウントを消去するためだけに参加してファンのみならず音楽界を当惑させた。彼が投稿した唯一の写真はマイケル・ジャクソンへのトリビュートだったのだ!彼はHot 97 Summer Jam 2001のバックステージでの彼とマイケルの写真をアップロードし、先週末57歳となったキングの誕生日を祝ったのである。


■Jay Z’s Tribute To Michael

It’s no secret that Hip Hop star Jay Z is a big fan of Michael Jackson! He’s spoken about his admiration for Michael on many occasions and has dressed up his child as Michael for fancy dress parties. He’s married to pop superstar Beyonce, who is also a massive fan of the King of Pop and in 2006 presented Michael with a World Music Award.

This weekend Jay Z perplexed his fans and the music world alike by joining popular social network Instagram, only to delete his account within 24 hours. The only picture he posted in that time was a tribute to Michael Jackson! He uploaded a picture of him and Michael from backstage at the Hot 97 Summer Jam 2001 music concert and wished the King a happy birthday, as he would have turned 57 this weekend.

No-one knows why, and will probably never know why the tribute and account was so brief, but in that short time he gathered over 100,000 followers and it was nice to share the MJ love with him!

Source: The Independant & MJWN



アメリカ両海岸ツアーを締めくくるべく、ニュージーランドへ帰国直前のオーウェン・ディッピーがロサンゼルスにデンジャラスな壁画を残した。正式なお披露目、掛けられたアメリカ、メキシコ、ニュージーランドの国旗 そしてThrillerのゾンビ・ダンスのパフォーマンス。伝説のパフォーマーの記憶を呼び覚ますためにディッピーがやらなければならなかったことは、ただマイケル・ジャクソンの目を見せることだけだった。精巧な壁画だし、彼がLAダウンタウンの"デンジャラス"と言うほどの規模の壁画であるが、そんなことよりも、通り過ぎる人は皆、一瞬マイケルに見つめられるのだ。


■Beautiful Michael Jackson “Dangerous” mural in LA by New Zealand artist Owen Dippie

Finishing up his bi-coastal tour of the US, Owen Dippie gave Los Angeles a dangerous mural before heading back to New Zealand. Complete with an official unveiling, the draping of US, Mexican, and New Zealand flags, and a re-enactment of the zombie scene from Thriller, Dippie needed only to show Michael Jackson’s eyes to evoke the memory of the larger-than-life superstar performer. It may be the detail or it may be the scale of the mural he is calling “Dangerous” in Downtown LA but anyone who passes by gets caught in Michael’s gaze for a moment.

Source:Brooklyn Street Art / LMJ



ディ・ラッソ像が、マイケルが何度か宿泊した有名なホテル、バイエリッシャー ・ホーフの前に建てられているということを知っていれば、理解するのはそれほど難しくない。マイケルはドイツをしばしば訪れたが、それは他のヨーロッパ同様、彼のファン・ベースの重要な部分を占めているからだ。





それらの告訴の一つで身体的危害を訴える訴状が、ミュンヘンを拠点とするファンクラブMJ's Legacyの代表者・設立者より提出された。彼女は敵対する熱狂的ファンにガラスのキャンドル・ホルダーを投げつけられたと主張している。ベルリンのターゲスシュピーゲル紙はこれを「大量のプロセッコ(ワインの一種)」で火がついた「ゲリラ戦」と評している。

「4人組のグループが私たちの仕事に反対するためにやってきました。このグループは私たちの飾りつけを撤去し、ポスターをはがし、私たちが植えた花を踏みつぶしたのです」と、毎日祭壇を訪れ世話をしているMJ's Legacyの代表者は言う。

当然ながら、反対側(MJ Memorial Munichというフェイスブック・ページを運営している)は違う話をしている。「MJ's Legacyは、メモリアルの飾りつけや維持を市から独占的に許可されていると考えているのです」とそのメンバーの一人は言う。「***は、私たちをここから追い出すためにありとあらゆることをしています。でも(MJ Memorial Munichの)大勢のファンは同意していないし、ここを訪れたいと思っています」。





■Fans’ bitter battle might make authorities to take MJ memorial down in Germany

Just after Michael’s death fans put flowers, photos and ornaments at a statue in Munich, Germany. It might seem strange but this shrine was formed at the bottom of a statue of Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso.

Well, if you know that the di Lasso statue stands in front of the famous Bayerischer Hof hotel where Michael stayed several times it isn’t so difficult to understand. Michael visited Germany quite often since it was an important part of his fan base as the rest of Europe is.

In 2009 a lot of shrines appeared around the world. Fans went to places that had something to do with Michael to feel his presence and to meet, share and mourn together. Some of those shrines remained and are still maintained by his fans. The di Lasso statue stands right in the middle of the southern center of the Munich city. It’s extremely decent of the local government to have tolerated this for so many years.

Unfortunately that might change. Not because the hotel or the community is against it but because Michael Jackson fans are in a bitter battle over it!

The authorities are saying the memorial might have to be removed to keep peace. A letter this month from the Bavarian state culture ministry in the tone of an exasperated parent warned that “if peaceful coexistence between the different groups of fans behind the Michael Jackson memorial is not possible, the memorial will unfortunately have to disappear”.

“We tolerated this memorial until now but have heard from the police about disputes among fans and there have even been criminal complaints,” a spokesman for Bavaria s culture ministry, Henning Giessen, told AFP.

One such complaint, for bodily harm, was filed by the president and founder of the Munich-based fan club MJ’s Legacy. She accuses a rival Jackson enthusiast of throwing a glass votive candle-holder at her. Berlin’s daily Tagesspiegel newspaper called it a “guerrilla war” fueled by “a lot of Prosecco”.

“For some time, a group of four people has come together to rally against our work,” said the president of MJ’s legacy, who makes a daily pilgrimage to the shrine to tend to it. “They remove our decorations, take down our posters and crush the flowers we plant.”

Not surprisingly, the opposing camp, which runs a Facebook page called MJ Memorial Munich, tells a different story. “The organization MJ’s Legacy thinks that it has exclusive permission from the city to decorate and maintain the memorial,” said one member.

” *** is doing everything she can to get us out of here but a lot of fans (from MJ Memorial Munich) don’t agree and want to keep coming.”

The battle has gotten so bad that it is reported by local media that authorities stepped in and tried to mediate between the two groups. So far without results.

Although the memorial never received formal approval by the Munich or Bavarian state authorities, no one has moved to dismantle it. Over the years it has become a kind of landmark and a must-see stop for foreign tourists. But if the police are called again to break up a dispute, the memorial will likely have to vanish.

Let’s hope these fans will work things out really soon because this is an absolute disgrace to the Michael Jackson fan community.

Note: We have not mentioned the names of the fans to protect their privacy.

Source: LMJ


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