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★ MJJマガジン第16号発売!!★

今回より日本人スタッフによる日本語版となります。その第一弾はポスター・マガジンです。A2サイズポスターマガジンを特製クリアファイルに入れてお届けします。一部1000円で、送料(簡易書留)が450円になります。ご希望の方は、お名前と住所を添えてメール(mjjmagazinejp*gmail.com *を@に変えてください)にてお申し込みください。お支払方法についてご連絡いたします。




スティーブ・バロン、「Billie Jean」について語る

スティーブ・バロンはマイケル・ジャクソンの1982年のアルバム「Thriller」からのシングルでナンバーワン・ヒットとなった「Bilie Jean」のビデオの監督だ。


「そのアイディアは、彼が魔法的なキャラクターで回りに火をともす、というものでした。ミダス・タッチをモチーフとした、ジョーン・アーマトレーディングのビデオ用のアイディアとして温めていたものです。マイケルは私の作品『Human League』を見てくれていて、ある種の映画的な幻想的なものを欲しがっていたのです。彼は私のアイディアをとても気に入りました」とバロンは言う。



「マイケルは別のシーン用に素晴らしいアイディアを持っていました。仕立て屋のマネキンが動き出して彼とダンスをするというものです。これはビデオを撮影した最初のシングルだったので、レコード会社は予算の増額は認めませんでした。マイケルは撮影前日に私に電話をかけてきて、真夜中ですよ、そして言ったのです。『考えていたんだけど、君のアイディアに戻ろうよ」って。彼がそのアイディアをとっておきたかったのだと私が気がついたのは、振付されたダンスというべき『Beat It』や『Thriller』のビデオを見たときでした。彼が実際にダンスをした瞬間以上のものはありません。彼はつま先で立ち、スピンしていました。私は彼らのレンズを通してこの超人を眺めていました。その強烈さでレンズが曇っていました。撮影が終わると私はカメラを下げ、そしてただただ、すごい!すごい!という感じでしたよ」。

マイケルのビデオ「Billie Jean」はこちら

■Steven Barron Talks About ‘Billie Jean’

Steve Barron directed the music video for ‘Billie Jean’, the chart-topping second single from Michael’s 1982’s ‘Thriller’ album.

The video sees Michael portray an enigmatic figure with seemingly magical powers, trailed by a shadowy ‘private eye’ type character, and this is very in keeping with Barron’s other work from this time, where fantasy, familiar iconography and technical innovations are fused with pop culture. His brief time working with the King of Pop left an indelible impression.

“The idea was that he was a magical character and everything lit up around him, an idea that I had had for a Joan Armatrading video based on the idea of the Midas Touch,” Barron says. “Michael had seen my Human League video and he wanted a cinematic fantasy of some sort. He really liked my idea.”

The budget for the video ($50,000, miniscule compared to the $2 million budget for ‘Thriller’, shot just months later) didn’t allow for all the floor tiles on set to light up as planned, so Barron had to apologetically point out to Michael which tiles to walk and dance on, an inconvenience that Michael took, quite literally, in his stride.

Also improvised was Michael’s dancing: “His manager said that he had some dancing in mind but that he was practising in front of the mirror and would show us on the day. I left a couple of frames free where he could just dance; I didn’t see it until the day, which made it an even more amazing moment indelibly burnt on my brain.”

“Michael had a brilliant idea for another scene where tailor’s dummies would come alive and dance with him. This was the first single they shot a video for so the record company wouldn’t give us any more money to do it anyway, but then Michael rang me up the night before the shoot, in the middle of the night, and said, ‘I’ve been thinking, let’s go back to your idea on that.’ It wasn’t until I saw ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’, which were all about choreographed dancing, that I realised he wanted to save that idea. There is nothing like that moment when he actually danced. He’s up on his toes spinning around and I’m looking at this superhuman creature through the camera and it was steaming up with the intensity of what I was seeing. I just put the camera down at the end of that take and it was just… wow. Wow!”

Watch Michael’s ‘Billie Jean’ music video here:


Source: Irish Examiner & MJWN


アーロン・カーターはマイケルを大切にしている。彼はマイケルとの友情について、US Weekly Videoで特別に語ってくれた。ビデオの中で彼はこう語っている。「僕たちはいろいろなクレージーなことを経験したよ。マイケルと僕はね。彼は僕にしゃべりたいことがいっぱいあったのさ。彼は多くは望まなかったけど、僕とはおしゃべりをしたかったんだ。話は終わらなかったね。マイケルは素晴らしい人だった。彼について話をしてる人はみんなクソだね。僕はマイケルと一緒にいた。僕は彼を知っている。僕は本当の彼を知っているんだ」。


アーロンは、2001年にニューヨークのマディソン・スクェア・ガーデンで開催されたマイケルの30周年記念コンサートでパフォーマンスを行った。幼いころにはネバーランドで過ごしたこともある。アーロン・カーターがUS Weekly Videoに語った映像はこちら:



■Aaron Carter Says He Keeps MJ Items In A Vault

Aaron Carter will always keep Michael dear to his heart. The singer opened up about his friendship with Michael, and more exclusively with US Weekly Video. In the video he said; “We’ve been through some crazy stuff, Michael and I together. He had a lot to say to me. He really didn’t want to do much but sit down and talk to me and not shut up,” Aaron said. “Michael was an amazing man. All the people who ever said anything about him are just all full of c***. I was there with Michael and I know him. I know his true colours.”

Aaron often speaks highly of Michael. Last November, however, he received harsh criticism when he tweeted that Michael “passed down the torch” to him. “I got so much hate when I said that Michael Jackson passed the torch to me. You guys realize that I have his jacket. I have his glove!” Without giving further details on how he obtained the items he continued; “I have lots of things from him, memorabilia that I would never even tell you about that’s sitting in a vault right now…Michael passed the torch to me about love.”

Aaron performed at Michael’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concert at NYC’s Madison Square Garden in 2001 and also hung out at Michael’s Neverland Ranch when he was younger. To watch Aaron Carter with US Weekly Video here:


Source: US Weekly Video & MJWN




2011年、ジェストはドキュメンタリー「Michael Jackson: The Life Of An Icon」を製作し、ロンドンのレスター・スクエアで封切られた後、DVDも発売された。

彼はイギリスではITVの番組「I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here」に出演し6位になって有名になった。後には審査員として「Grease Is The Word」に出演し、「Celebrity Big Brother」にも出演した。

「4月12日火曜日の10:17に、ウェストフェリー・サーカスのフォーシーズンズ・ホテルから、60代の男性が原因不明で死んだと警察に連絡。 ロンドン救急本部が現場に急行したが、現場で死亡しているのは明白であった。司法解剖が行われる予定。近親者が事情の説明を受けている」


■David Gest Dies

Michael Jackson’s friend David Gest has died in a London hotel aged 62.

Gest is well known for his long-term friendship with Michael Jackson, that dated back to their childhoods. Later in life he became known to Michael’s fans when he produced the ‘Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration’ in 2001, which was performed in New York’s Madison Square Garden. Michael was also best man at Gest’s wedding to Liza Minnelli in 2002.

In 2011 Gest produced the documentary ‘Michael Jackson: The Life Of An Icon,’ which premiered in London’s Leicester Square and was later released on DVD.

He became well-known in the UK after appearing on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, finishing in sixth place and later became a judge on the talent show Grease Is The Word and appearing in Celebrity Big Brother.

A statement from the Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called at 10:17 on Tuesday 12 April to the Four Seasons hotel, in Westferry Circus to reports of an unexplained death of a man in his 60s. London Ambulance Service were called to the scene. Life was pronounced extinct at the hotel. A post-mortem will be held in due course. Next of kin are in the process of being informed.”

Police have said there appear to be no suspicious circumstances.

Source: BBC News & MJWN









■Giant Michael Jackson Cake Wins Award

A 7ft (2.1m) tall cake dedicated to the King of Pop has landed a woman an international baking award. Sonia Todd spent five weeks crafting Michael Jackson from breakfast cereal, chocolate and icing, in order to thrill the judges in Birmingham and won a bronze medal at Cake International show with her efforts.

Ms Todd, of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, describes herself as “a massive fan” of the singer. “I love baking and I love Michael Jackson, so I’ve just combined the two,” she said.

The confection sits on a skeleton made of wood and cake stands to support the weight. Ms Todd researched the project on the internet and took advice from her local cake supplies shop. “I had to make sure that when I was building him that he was going to be able to stand on his own two feet without any structure being able to be seen,” she said. “For the size of him it was quite a task really.” She said she was surprised at the response to the cake version of the ‘King of Pop,’ which saw people queuing up at the NEC show to take selfies.

Ms Todd said she is planning another project ready for the autumn show.

The Jackson cake will be used to raise money for a local hospice.

You can see the original article and a video of the cake here.

Source: BBC News & MJWN

エステート vs トーメ :: トーメの訴状修正が認められる








■Judge Allows Ex-Manager To Amend Complaint

The late King of Pop’s former manager, Tohme Tohme says he’s owed a share of gross receipts and a finder’s fee for a Neverland Ranch bank loan.

Michael Jackson’s estate and his former manager Tohme Tohme will see another day in court, after a judge granted the estate’s motion to strike in its entirety but gave Tohme’s attorneys ten days to amend their complaint. The motion to strike centers on attorneys fees, which Tohme argues he’s entitled to under an indemnity agreement with Michael. The estate holds that clause only applies to Tohme defending against or investigating third-party claims relating to powers of attorney.

“Tohme cannot possibly use the Indemnity Agreement to recover attorneys’ fees in a dispute with Jackson or his heirs or executors wherein Tohme seeks compensation for services he allegedly rendered to Jackson,” writes Howard Weitzman in the motion.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff largely agreed with the estate and granted the motion to strike, but denied a demurrer on the issue. The legal battle began in 2012 with duelling lawsuits debating whether Tohme’s work in the final years of Michael’s life was for the King of Pop’s benefit or his own.

Tohme contends he is entitled to fifteen percent of Michael’s gross receipts, including money the estate earned after the performer’s death, and also a ten percent finder’s fee for a loan buyout connected to Neverland Ranch. Michael’s estate paints Tohme as inexperienced and self-serving and claims Michael fired him months before his death.

Proceedings were put on hold while the California Labor Commission investigated claims that Tohme was acting as an agent, not a manager, in violation of the Talent Agencies Act. In February 2015, Beckloff partially lifted the stay and put the proceedings concerning Neverland Ranch back in motion. In July the Labor Commission found the management agreement between Michael and Tohme is partially illegal and severance of the illegal portion of the agreement would cut Tohme’s commissions in half.

Trial is scheduled to begin May 3.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter & MJWN


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